What Is The Meaning of Penance?

When I was in Grade 8, a few friends and I were sitting in computer class at school while our instructor left the room to check something at the office for a while. As adolescent boredom got the better of us, we began to throw pens at the ceiling fan to watch them get launched … Continue reading What Is The Meaning of Penance?


A De-Caffeinated Reflection on Lent 2016

I have always been a bit of a coffee fiend. Okay, maybe more than a bit. I've had my first cup when I was only 8 years old. I remember seeing my grandpa having his afternoon coffee and then asking my grandma if I could have one too, just to be like him. Without hesitation, grandma would give me a tall glass mug with … Continue reading A De-Caffeinated Reflection on Lent 2016

My Struggle With Communion

I attended my first Evangelical communion service at a Christian youth conference when I was 18. After a weekend of high-energy shenanigans with my friends, we began to wind down to hear the discussion topic of the night. The youth pastor in the front of the hall brought fourth a few loaves of Wonder Bread and … Continue reading My Struggle With Communion