My Thoughts on the Christian Persecution Complex

I remember in my youth, I was told by many pastors, mentors, youth group and camp counselors that becoming a Christian is like painting a target on our backs, and we will always face hostility or opposition of some form as long as we choose to follow Christ. It's quite common for Christians to view … Continue reading My Thoughts on the Christian Persecution Complex

‘Faith Alone’ Is Not Enough

I dated a pastor's daughter when I was 21, with whom I used to have long-drawn conversations which seemingly always revolved around spirituality and religion. As someone who had only started becoming a follower of Jesus a couple years prior, I asked her out of curiosity, "When did you first give your life to Christ?" "I … Continue reading ‘Faith Alone’ Is Not Enough

My Struggle With Communion

I attended my first Evangelical communion service at a Christian youth conference when I was 18. After a weekend of high-energy shenanigans with my friends, we began to wind down to hear the discussion topic of the night. The youth pastor in the front of the hall brought fourth a few loaves of Wonder Bread and … Continue reading My Struggle With Communion