What is Worship?

"In those days there was no king in Israel; every man did what was right in his own eyes." - Judges 21:25 RSV As a teenager who had been raised Catholic, one of the things that first drew me to Evangelicalism was how laid back it seemed - especially with the contemporary worship music as … Continue reading What is Worship?


Catholic Fellowship Sucks

I remember hearing my grandparents recall a time when the local church was the epicenter of community events and social gatherings. They used to reminisce about the days when they used to attend movie nights and dances that were hosted in the parish hall while they were dating. It seems as though their generation lived … Continue reading Catholic Fellowship Sucks

Courage In An Unusual Situation

About a few months ago, I was waiting in line at the confessional. A police officer walked into the basilica as though he were nonchalantly patrolling the area. He looked like he was in his early to mid-twenties and had his hand resting on his gun holster as though he was ready to draw fire, … Continue reading Courage In An Unusual Situation

Which Bible is Right?

I remember receiving my first Bible when I was about 11 years old. My grade 5 class was visited by some members of Gideons International who distributed little red, pocket-sized New Testament and Psalms to every kid in the class. For most North American schoolkids, this seems to be the most common way people in my generation … Continue reading Which Bible is Right?

I Don’t Have a ‘Sunday Best’

I am probably one of the most informal persons I know. Growing up in a religious home, it was always the norm to dress up in my Sunday best for church. While most days I highly dreaded looking all dapper, I realized the importance of looking presentable in public - whether it may be at church, at … Continue reading I Don’t Have a ‘Sunday Best’

My Thoughts on Assisted Dying and Abortion

Last year I lost my father-in-law to terminal esophageal cancer. He had been having difficulties swallowing food in the fall of 2014. As ingesting food gradually became more and more difficult, he was admitted into the hospital in February 2015 and promptly received the endoscopy he had been scheduled for on a later date. At first … Continue reading My Thoughts on Assisted Dying and Abortion

My Thoughts on Purgatory

"If heaven is for clean people, it's vacant." - 'Load Me Up' by Matthew Good Band I remember when I was 21, I was going through a stressful time as a third-year apprentice carpenter. After I quit one construction job to start with a new company, my former boss withheld my paycheque and would continue to … Continue reading My Thoughts on Purgatory