Mental Health and the Church

One of my Evangelical friends once said, "The Christian church has done a crap-tastic job at reaching out to those who suffer mental health issues." It sounds harsh, but I have to say it couldn't be further from the truth. In the past, my struggle with loneliness and depression has often caused me to feel disconnected from people … Continue reading Mental Health and the Church

Coffee and Lent

I was always a bit of a coffee fiend. Okay, maybe more than a bit. I had my first cup when I was 8. I remember seeing my grandpa having his afternoon coffee and then asking my grandma if I could have one too, just to be like him. Without hesitation, grandma would give me a tall glass mug with a dab of honey … Continue reading Coffee and Lent

Is Contemporary Worship Killing The Church?

I was a guitarist for several worship bands at a conservative Evangelical congregation in the past. My frustrations with band mates who were either very cliquey or seemingly half-hearted in their involvement provoked me to try and create my own spin on the songs. Oftentimes I would add some light distortion or come up with some kind of melodic lead riff to create a different … Continue reading Is Contemporary Worship Killing The Church?