Does The ‘Bible Alone’ Put God In A Box?

When I was in my last year of high school, I abandoned the Catholic faith to convert to Protestant Evangelicalism. Despite knowing how heartbroken my parents were, one of the Bible verses I used to justify rebelling against my parents was, “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not … Continue reading Does The ‘Bible Alone’ Put God In A Box?

My Love For Mary Deepens My Love For Jesus

My oldest son was born via C-section due to a breech birth. I remember watching the surgeons pull him out of my wife's open abdomen in the OR. Seeing life come out of life was one of the most disturbingly beautiful things I have ever witnessed. A sight like that will never escape me. Even as my … Continue reading My Love For Mary Deepens My Love For Jesus

Nu-Metal Saved My Life

Everybody is a product of their past. The choices I've made, good and bad, are the reason why I'm still here and have shaped me to become who I am this very day. That being said, I'd like to share with you something close to my heart. I grew up on a farm near a small … Continue reading Nu-Metal Saved My Life

‘Faith Alone’ Is Not Enough

I used to have long-drawn conversations with a Christian girl I dated when I was 21, which seemingly always revolved around spirituality and religion. As someone who had only started following Jesus a couple years prior, I asked her out of curiosity, "When did you first give your life to Christ?" "I guess I've always known Him," she … Continue reading ‘Faith Alone’ Is Not Enough

My Struggle With Communion

I attended my first Evangelical communion service at a Christian youth conference when I was 18. After a weekend of high-energy shenanigans with my friends, we began to wind down to hear the discussion topic of the night. The youth pastor in the front of the hall brought fourth a few loaves of Wonder Bread and … Continue reading My Struggle With Communion

Is It Right To Hate Religion?

I was a nominal Roman Catholic with no real knowledge of my own belief-system. In the summer before grade 12, I spent a week at an Evangelical Christian Bible camp where the course of my life was changed forever. At the time my mind was focused on making new friends, sports, music and flirting with … Continue reading Is It Right To Hate Religion?